September 22, 2019

Have You Had Any Success in Recovering from Bankruptcy?

I was recently interviewed by a national magazine about how my clients recover from Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Some of the tips I discussed during the interview included:

  • asking a friend or relative to add you as an authorized user on a MasterCard or Visa
  • opening a savings and/or checking account at a credit union and establishing a pattern of regular deposits
  • requesting a small loan from that credit union and paying back each installment on time
  • opening a credit account with a gasoline retailer
  • finding a co-signer to open an unsecured credit card account

I explained to the reporter that I am hearing from my clients that large credit card companies are soliciting them for cards as quickly as 6 months post discharge – no surprise in that successfully discharged debtor are a great credit risk, having no debt and no option to file bankruptcy

The reporter, who is a very nice and informed gentleman, would like to speak to anyone who has had success in re-establishing credit after Chapter 7.  If you would be interested in talking to this reporter, please email me using the form on this blog and I’ll put you in touch with him.

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