February 26, 2020

Will a Personal Bankruptcy Affect my Small Business if I am Self Employed?

Bankruptcy businessmanWith a sluggish economy, I have met with an increasing number of small business owners who are considering personal bankruptcy to deal with credit card debt and personal loans, but who want to keep their business assets and credits separate.  Is this possible.

First, it does make a difference whether the small business is incorporated.  If your small business is a proprietorship (i.e. “Tom Smith d/b/a Tom’s Lawncare”) then there is no way to separate personal assets and debts from business assets and debts.  In this situation, all debts are “personal” because the proprietorship does not have a separate identity from the individual.  All debts would have to be listed – for bankruptcy purposes in this situation, there is no difference between your personal credit card debt that arises from gasoline and grocery purchases and a credit card that you use for business purchases.

Assets of the proprietorship would be considered personal assets – assets that do not fit within the Georgia exemption statute would be at risk.

In a Chapter 7, if you have non-exempt assets you would have to surrender those assets to the trustee or offer to buy the “estate’s interest” from the trustee (usually at a discount from fair market value).

Note that any receivables of the business or any other property with potential resale value (i.e. customer lists, pending contracts) could be claimed as estate assets.

In rare instances a Chapter 7 trustee could object to your small business bankruptcy using an “income suppression” argument.  This argument asserts that you should not be eligible for bankruptcy relief because you have intentionally suppressed your income by leaving a highly paid job or intentionally refused to maximize income opportunities.

If you are incorporated, the shares of your business are assets and you may very well be asked to justify a de minimus (i.e. $500) valuation that you put on those shares.   I see this issue frequently when clients own service businesses.  [Read more…]

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