January 20, 2020

Should You Save Your Home from Foreclosure, or Should You Let it Go

With the news full of foreclosure statistics showing huge increases along with stories of self-righteous Members of Congress asserting their heartfelt concern for “struggling homeowners” little attention is paid to the question of whether a homeowner ought to fight to save his home.  My friend and colleague, Charleston bankruptcy lawyer Russ DeMott were recently discussing this issue and I invited him to prepare a guest post about this very topic:

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a tool that can be used to save your home from foreclosure.  But the big question sometimes isn’t “can I save my home,” but “should I save it?”

We all know that there’s been an epidemic of foreclosure resulting from the recent economic downturn.  Jobs were lost, values plummeted, and foreclosures have been on the rise.

So it’s natural to wonder, “can I file Chapter 13 bankruptcy to save my home from foreclosure?”  However, when you meet with a bankruptcy lawyer to explore your options, you need to explore all your options—bankruptcy and otherwise.  And that might be not saving your home.

When you’re having financial problems and seek advice, you should take the opportunity to review your entire financial situation.  Can you afford your vehicle payments? Can you “tighten the belt” and cut back on some unnecessary expenses?  And most significantly, “should you try to save your home?”

In my Charleston, South Carolina bankruptcy practice, I get calls every week from folks facing foreclosure.  The potential bankruptcy client’s question is always a “can we?”  Can we stop foreclosure?  Can we make the lender listen?  Can we catch up on these payments we’ve missed?  Can we protect our home? Can Chapter 13 bankruptcy help?

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