February 26, 2020

Missed Mortgage Payments in Your Chapter 13 – An Expensive Problem

In the Northern District of Georgia, the “standard” Chapter 13 plan that is used provides that on-going mortgage payments are to be made directly to the mortgage company during the pendency of your Chapter 13 plan.  In other words, if you file Chapter 13 because you are three payments delinquent, your missed payments (the mortgage “arrearage”) will be paid in your plan.  However your ongoing mortgage payments are sent directly to the mortgage company.

I know that in some bankruptcy filing districts, on-going payments are collected by the trustee and paid through the trustee’s office.   The trustees in the Northern District of Georgia do not do this as a matter of course.

This means, therefore that Chapter 13 debtors have the significant responsibility for paying their mortgage payments on time each month after their cases are filed.  If you miss one or two payments, the mortgage lender can and will file a Motion for Relief from Stay.  They will argue that your missed payments reflect your inability to afford your mortgage and that bankruptcy protection ought to be lifted so that the mortgage lender can foreclose. [Read more…]

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