December 15, 2019

Chase Home Finance Accused of Adding Improper Charges to Bankruptcy Claims

As a member of the Bankruptcy Law Network, I am part of a small group of knowledgeable and prolific bankruptcy lawyers from all over the country.  If you have not yet checked out the Bankruptcy Law Network blog, and its sister blogs

I encourage you to do so.

In addition to writing for the BLN family of blogs, most of my colleagues in this endeavor publish their own websites and blogs that address more local concerns.  Just as this blog focuses on bankruptcy issues relevant to the Northern District of Georgia, frequently the BLN member blogs will have a local focus as well.  However, there are some bankruptcy and consumer protection issues that have a national focus.  I subscribe (using RSS and my iGoogle page) to a variety of bankruptcy and consumer bankruptcy blogs from around the country for the purpose of picking up trends and learning about case strategies that may very well work for me in my local practice.  If you are a bankruptcy lawyer or individual interested in keeping track of what is going on in the bankruptcy world, I invite you to subscribe not just to this blog, but to several of the bankruptcy related blogs listed on my blogroll.

BLN member (and founder) Jay Fleischman recently posted a blog article that has relevance in any bankruptcy jurisdisction.  His post entitled “Chase Home Finance, Caught Manufacturing Defaults in Bankruptcy Court, Nears Deal with U.S. Trustee” discusses a problem that I believe has existed for years with many mortgage lenders who file claims in bankruptcy court. [Read more…]

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