January 20, 2020

Can You Rely on a Verbal Promise that Your Foreclosure Will be Delayed?

Notice of ForeclosureLast month, I met several times with a potential Chapter 13 client who was facing a mortgage foreclosure.  Over the course of the past few months he has been juggling his creditors and bills trying to stay afloat and during that time he fell behind to his mortgage company by more than four months, and found himself in the foreclosure process.

This individual earns over $100,000 annually, but, unfortunately he used to earn more than double this amount.  His problem was not the mortgage, but his other bills, including a very high car payment and a mortgage payment arising from a failing real estate investment.

Not surprisingly the foreclosure notice got his attention.  He immediately took action by calling me to discuss Chapter 13 bankruptcy and by contacting his mortgage company to discuss repayment options.   By the Wednesday prior to the pending foreclosure sale scheduled for the following Tuesday, my client had provided me with enough information so that I could prepare a rough draft of a Chapter 13.   In this case, by the way, my client and I entered into an agreement whereby he paid me around $300 to open a file and to start entering information into my petition preparation program.

On the pre-foreclosure Wednesday he called to say that after a lot of discussion he was expecting a decision the next day from his mortgage company but that if he did not hear from them by mid-day on Thursday, we would be proceeding with the Chapter 13.  A few hours later he called back to say that his mortgage company had agreed to postpone the foreclosure until September and that the Chapter 13 was on hold for now. [Read more…]

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