August 19, 2019

Senior Citizens and Bankruptcy: Special Considerations

fixed income bankruptcyOver the past few months, Susan Blum and I have been meeting with an increasing number of senior citizens and others on fixed incomes who are considering bankruptcy because of significant credit card debt.

It is not at all unusual for us to see seniors with over $100,000 in unsecured debt that has accumulated over years – sometimes 10 years or longer.  When fixed income investments and/or Social Security no longer throw off enough monthly income to pay the minimum payments, bankruptcy becomes a legitimate option.

Seniors, in particular, are often conflicted about filing bankruptcy because they came of age in an era when bankruptcy still had a social stigma and it was unthinkable not to pay one’s debts.  As a result, I sometimes see cases where a client has paid two or three times the balance due by making minimum payments but the outstanding balance has not really budged.  When I point this out, the stigma issue often disappears. [Read more…]

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