December 15, 2019

Should Student Loan Debt Once Again Be Dischargeable in Bankruptcy?

student loans and bankruptcyLast week, an editor at the Atlanta Journal Constitution contacted me to ask if I would write a guest editorial about student loans and bankruptcy.  Here is a slightly enhanced version of my editorial.  Click on the link to view the original online version of the article

Imagine graduating from college with a tassel and $80,000 of student loan debt.  Now imagine that life happens over the next 15 years – periods of unemployment, no raises, a sick child, and home repairs.  Perhaps you are one of the 50,000 metro Atlanta area families each year who make the difficult decision to file personal bankruptcy.  How does it feel to discover that your student loan debt will survive bankruptcy, never to go away.  Tax refunds?  Seized.  Wages, bank accounts, even Social Security?  Garnished. [Read more…]

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