February 26, 2020

Reaffirmation Requires Written and Signed Contract Between You and Your Creditor

reaffirmation agreement in chapter 7I have written before about the pros and cons of entering into a reaffirmation agreement with one or more of your secured creditors.  On the plus side, reaffirming a secured debt gives you a degree of certainty – you are once again in a contractual relationship with your creditor.  You know how much you are supposed to pay each month and you know the payoff balance, interest rate and terms of the agreement.

Further, you may be able to negotiate a more favorable deal when you reaffirm.  Other than cars, secured creditors are often not set up to liquidate used merchandise and since you already have possession of the property (collateral), many lenders are happy to negotiate more favorable terms with you so they can avoid the hassle of recovering and disposing of property.   This negotiation option is less true with motor vehicles, because there is an active used car market, but the negotiation option can work well when you are dealing with furniture or electronics. [Read more…]

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