December 9, 2019

The “Do It Yourself Bailout” – Part Four of Jonathan’s Interview with Kenny Golde

Have you ever wondered what it takes to settle your debts for pennies on the dollar?  Recently I interviewed Kenny Golde, who found himself with $250,000 of credit card debt and no way to pay it all back.  However, with tenacity and focus, Kenny has managed to eliminate more than half of this debt through negotiation.  Here is part four of our conversation – it lasts about 8 minutes.  We discuss the procedure for entering into a written settlement agreement with your creditor and the steps you must take to ensure that your settlement is honored by the creditor or collection agency.  Part 5 will be posted tomorrow.

Link to Kenny Golde’s book “The Do It Yourself Bailout.”

Giant Debt Collector Law Firm Mann, Bracken Out of Business

A number of stories have recently appeared in bankruptcy and consumer rights blogs suggesting that the Atlanta based collection firm Mann, Bracken, LLC has gone out of business.   On his Caveat Emptor blog, Minnesota bankruptcy attorney Sam Glover has written several posts about the Mann, Bracken firm including one on December 22, 2009 stating that the calls to the firm’s phone number instructs callers to communicate directly with their creditors.   I called several numbers listed for Mann, Bracken but the calls were answered by a message that “all circuits are busy, try your call again later.”

Although based in Atlanta, Mann, Bracken has a national practice and it has apparently been growing by merging with other law firms.   I found a web site called which purports to be a payment gateway for debtors to make electronic check or credit card payments on debts being handled by Mann, Bracken.  This site notes that Mann, Bracken is the successor by merger to Wolpoff & Abramson L.L.P., and Eskanos & Adler P.C., two collection law firms well known to debtor’s lawyers.

The domain has a “coming soon” page and the registration information for that domain is private.   I looked up the contact information for the partners.  Douglas Mann’s shows him as an inactive lawyer affiliated with Mann, Bracken.  Chris Bracken’s registration shows a email address, a business address at Mann, Bracken’s location, but the space for the law firm information is blank.  Two other partners – Bill Layng and Steve Knezo – are now affiliated with other law firms. [Read more…]

Bill Collectors Have Blogs

Here at theBKBlog, I focus on bankruptcy issues, creditor abuse issues and information that can benefit those considering bankruptcy.  Did you ever wonder about the other side.  Yes, bill collectors have blogs as well, and it makes for interesting reading because bill collectors blog about areas of concern to them – avoiding lawsuits for unfair or deceptive practices, educated debtors, whether or not to use email when contacting debtors.

Take a look at the blog, the Michigan Collection Law blog – you’ll read about topics that are of concern to the debt collection industry.

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