January 20, 2020

How to Keep Your Costs Down and Get Good Bankruptcy Advice Quickly

Personal bankruptcy is made for “what if” scenarios.  What if I file individually instead of jointly with my wife?   What if I quit my job while I am in the middle of my Chapter 13?   What if I need a replacement vehicle after I file?

I don’t always have the answers but I can usually think through one or two likely scenarios.  I can be more effective helping you if you give me the information I need.   Specifically that means the following:

  • take the time to complete my intake questionnaire in its entirety.  Don’t leave out information that you believe is not relevant.   My intake questionnaire is keyed to my bankruptcy program and I have been developing and updating it for over 15 years.  Everything on my questionnaire is there for a reason – and I can serve you better if I have everything that is requested there
  • get me copies of your credit reports.   AnnualCreditReport.com offers a free service to get current copies of your credit reports.  Current credit reports help us avoid leaving out creditors from our analysis and they can also provide other helpful information such as prior addresses and other names in which you have been extended credit
  • get me copies of all payment advices for the past 7 months.  The Bankruptcy law now requires all debtors to engage in a median income test as well as a means test analysis.  The starting point of this analysis is evidence of income you and other members of your household have received.   Payment advices should be provided for salaries, investment income, one-time checks, some disability payments, dividends, etc.  If you are not sure, ask.

Sometimes I hear from clients who want to submit their information on a spreadsheet or Quicken file.   Feel free to send those files along, but do not send them in lieu of my questionnaire and the other requested information.

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