November 12, 2018

Guest Posts

from Jonathan Ginsberg, publisher of thebkblog:

From time to time, you will see posts on this blog that have been written by other lawyers or financial experts.   Sometimes the guest posters reach out to me, and other times, I solicit a guest post if I find an expert who can offer my readers helpful information.

If you are an attorney, a law student, or a thoughtful person who has insight or an opinion that can add to the conversations in this blog, I would be happy to consider publishing your guest post.  I do have a few rules:

  1. I only publish timely, topical and relevant information on this blog.   The purpose of your post should be to make my readers feel as if they have learned something.  For example a post about the psychology of credit card collection techniques is an appropriate topic, whereas a post that discusses the need to save more and spend less is not particularly unique or insightful.
  2. I understand that guest posters are looking to promote their own web sites or blogs by including links to those sites within their posts.    If you are looking for a link, please identify that link in your initial email to me.  I get a lot of emails from so-called “financial writers” whose proposed articles offer no value and who are fishing for links.  Please don’t bother – I publish over 100 sites and I know the difference between a content site and an advertising site, so please don’t waste my time if you have nothing significant to offer.
  3. I expect that your command of grammar and American English will be good.   If your email proposal contains grammatical errors, I am not going to consider you for a guest post. I will do some limited copy editing but I am not going to rewrite your post.
  4. If you have your own bankruptcy or financial related web site or blog and you accept guest posts, that is a plus.
  5. If you can include audio or video in your guest post, that is a plus.
  6. If you can relate seemingly unrelated topics in the news to consumer bankruptcy, that is a plus.  For example, is there a link between terror threats and bankruptcy, between a bad year by the local football team and the local housing market?  Get creative – make people think.   Freakonomics-like ideas are usually interesting.
  7. I publish blogs on a variety of law topics, including Social Security disability, workers compensation, criminal defense, personal injury and other areas.  I am always looking for good content.
  8. All decisions about what, when and whether to publish guest posts are mine.

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