July 20, 2018

What Happens if my Chapter 13 Case is Dismissed?

Earlier this week, I wrote a post entitled Should I Oppose the Chapter 13 Trustee’s Motion to Dismiss.  In that post I spoke about the relatively common scenario whereby a Chapter 13 debtor will fall behind on payments to the trustee or an unexpected claim will cause the plan to run longer than 60 months.  In such a case, the trustee will file a motion to dismiss and the debtor and counsel will have an opportunity to propose a cure to the delinquency.  Usually this cure takes the form of a lump sum payment immediately with the remaining delinquency paid to the trustee over time.

What happens if the proposed cure is not feasible for the debtor?  In such a case, the judge would sustain the trustee’s motion to dismiss or the debtor would not oppose the motion.  Either way, the debtor’s Chapter 13 case will be dismissed.

When a Chapter 13 case is dismissed, creditors can immediately pursue all non-bankruptcy alternatives.  If there is a home and mortgage delinquency involved, the mortgage lender can start foreclosure proceedings.  If there is a car payment involved, the car lender can immediately start the repossession process.  Credit card lenders can restart collection efforts including calls and letters. [Read more…]

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