September 20, 2018

Starting Your New Bankruptcy Case

It goes without saying that starting your bankruptcy case under the current bankruptcy law has become more time consuming and burdensome that it ever was before.  In my practice, I will gladly speak to a potential client over the phone and I am usually able to respond to client inquiry emails, but I prefer not to schedule an office appointment until the potential client provides me with details about his or her financial situation.   Office appointments take up a lot of time in the best of circumstances.  I find that little gets accomplished if I don’t have a completed questionnaire or credit report on hand.

If you live in the Northern District of Georgia (Atlanta, Newnan, Gainesville, Rome) and want me to look at your case, here is what I will need:

1) a completed bankruptcy intake questionnaire – this should be filled out thoroughly and completely.  You can download my intake form in MS Word or pdf at the Download Center of my Atlanta bankruptcy web site.

2) copies of pay advices (copies of paychecks) for every wage earner in your household for the current month and the prior six months.  I need this information to run a median income/means test analysis.

3) a copy of last year’s tax return

4) a copy of your credit counseling certificate

5) if possible, copies of credit reports from all 3 credit bureaus – also obtainable at

That’s it – put this information together and fax it to me at 770-234-5434, email it to me or drop it by the office.  I’ll review and get back to you in a day or so.

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