April 18, 2014

The “Do It Yourself Bailout” – Part One of Jonathan’s Interview with Kenny Golde

Have you ever wondered what it takes to settle your debts for pennies on the dollar?  Recently I interviewed someone who started with $250,000 of credit card debt and with tenacity and focus, has managed to eliminate more than half of this debt through negotiation.  Here is part one of my conversation with author and filmmaker Kenny Golde, who discusses with me his remarkable story about how he ended up with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt and how he came to realize that debt negotiation is a business strategy and that the guilt and emotional efforts of debt collectors are merely tactics.  This first segment lasts about 8 minutes.  Parts 2 will appear tomorrow on this blog, with subsequent installments appearing every day through the February 4th post.

Link to Kenny Golde’s book “The Do It Yourself Bailout.”

Link to Kenny Golde’s web site.


Jonathan Ginsberg practices consumer bankruptcy law in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

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