August 23, 2017

Free Online Means Test Calculator

I am not going to promise you that you are going to be able to follow this, but the folks at Nolo have released a free on-line means test program.    I find this calculator more complex than the means test calculator built in to BestCase – the petition preparation program that I use.   The BestCase program draws data from other fields that you fill out anyway – like mortgages and car payments, whereas the Nolo program is a stand alone and requires manual data entry.

If you are computer savvy I would almost suggest that you download the BestCase trial version (full featured except that it prints  “demo” on the output) instead of the Nolo version.  I supect that the folks at Nolo assume that most prospective debtors will get frustrated and call one of the lawyers who buy advertising space at the Nolo site!

In any case, here are links to both the Nolo calculator and to the BestCase download:

Nolo means test calculator

BestCase petition preparation program with means test calculator

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  1. Johnathan,

    You have a really nifty blog! I’m just a beginner at bankruptcy blogging, but I particularly liked the tip above (discussing the free online means calculator vs. the bestcase trial version).

    This is useful stuff!

    Joseph McDaniel
    Phoenix, Arizona

  2. Joel Christiansen says:


    You have a really great blog here. I was looking for other free means test calculators for a blog post I am doing. I use BestCase, but was hoping to provide resources other than the very confusing NOLO one. Please let me know if you have found any others.

    Keep up the great blog!


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